POSITIVISM 2 –Strengths -Develop your Positive Leadership

When a head-hunter sees strengths in someone, he sees qualities and skills that a talent has. And the head-hunter thinks: If this person improves their strengths he or she can become extraordinary. Hence the head-hunter does not focus on the weaknesses but on the strengths. Thus is easier to help someone who is very good into an extraordinary one than to try to make someone very good from what they are not good at.

Thanks to Positive Psychology and the hundreds of studies that have been carried out in the last 20 years, we now know that this approach is much more effective than the traditional one. The one that tries to repair what is wrong, that tries to improve the weakness. The one that it takes for granted that strengths grow alone without cultivating them, and it puts its focus on the weaknesses to improve them.

Even in the world of companies, this approach towards the negative is reflected in the work by competencies. Companies invest time, money, energy and many resources to improve the weaknesses. They are wasting time, money, resources and energies from many parties with this approach.

They would improve much more if they first detected the strengths if they created a structure to cultivate the strengths of each individual. If the did in such a way that each person will be used for their talent. To making them grow, making them be better and even more positively impacting on their team, on their environment.

There are free online surveys, like the VIA Character with which you can find out your top 5 strengths. You can also ask yourself some questions to help you to identify them, such as:

– In what moments of my day to day, I enjoy more?

– With what kind of people I flow more in conversations? Which behavior do I show to flow with these people?

– In which kind of activities I feel complete?

– What gives me energy?

– What do people say I’m very good at?

– How can I cultivate more everything in which I stand out?

– Where could I implement, demonstrate my strengths in a balanced way, without getting tired of it, without getting burned by doing too much of something that I’m good at?

– How can I enjoy life taking advantage of my strengths?

We will continue talking about the strengths. There is so much and very positive to tell and to keep growing. Now, I invite you to reflect and to identify what you are good at. Look for how to continue growing in those qualities-strengths that you already have, and that will make you stand out positively from others.

What quality, ability, strength do you want to cultivate today, tomorrow, this week?