HOPE in Latin “sperare” (Does (NOT) COMES FROM WAITING, which in Latin is “spes”

The word hope comes from the Latin “sperare” (to have hope) and this from “spes”, hope. When one waits, it is because one hopes that something or someone will come. Spiritually speaking, hope is a state of faith and optimistic mood based on the expectation of favorable results related to events or circumstances of one’s own

Some people confuse hope with waiting for something good to happen.

Hope is a feeling, which, according to neuroscience and positive psychology studies, people are usually optimistic about in higher than average doses. Although we all have hope in some areas or moments of our lives.

Having hope is very important because it creates a feeling that something good is coming, or that the very bad that is happening now will end at some point, nearer than far.

Now, there are many people who confuse that feeling with hope, simply because they believe or feel that the bad times will pass relatively soon, or because the good times will come without one doing anything, and this is where the term of waiting, is confused with the hope. Having hope is very positive but waiting for things to happen on their own is counterproductive.

In this catastrophic scenario that we are living at a global level, with the coronavirus, something never experienced before both at global health and economic level, which has many implications for human beings at many levels, there are people who lock themselves in their homes, because of the state of emergency declared by their country, waiting to spend 15 days without changing anything, just in the hope that they will not be affected by the coronavirus and can maintain their basic needs without hardly leaving home, except to acquire basic necessities. Now, they do not plan that it can last more than 15 days, even more than 30 days, or more, and I am not talking about the situation that they cannot control externally but on a mental and emotional level. This is where they confuse waiting with the hope that everything will get better soon. But what will happen when on the 3rd, 7th, 17th day they see that the state of emergency does not shorten, that the infected and the dead continue to increase, how have they prepared themselves for this news, which they have also heard on television and in the press, are they in denial? Or is their state of hope as high as it is absurd?

There is a famous Spanish saying that says: “To God praying and with the gavel giving”, in other words, you can and it is positive to pray, and to have hope, but not for that reason to remain without doing anything, waiting, when the first thing you need is to plan how to change habits as soon as possible and as organized as possible within your daily habitat, your home and with your family.

Circumstances force us to change, and there are not many alternatives, but it is up to us to see how we can adapt, and not just wait.

Any crisis situation forces us to make changes, some may even be for the better in the long term, others in the short term perhaps just to get through the storm, but changes have to be made, whether we like it or not. Like any crisis, those who do not adapt suffer more, if they do not die along the way.

This crisis of unimaginable depth, unpredictable, is going to leave many wounded on the way, and I am not referring to those infected who will count in thousands, and possibly millions worldwide, but to those strongly impacted at other levels, which will be many more, millions or even billions worldwide, as companies are forced to close or shut down, leaving millions of people without income, and without the income, you can’t meet basic needs, from maintaining a roof over your head to paying your mortgage to feeding your family, beyond whatever savings you may have left.

Resistance is very honorable, but in the world of strategy, business and war, we know that to resist without doing anything is very dangerous, unless the resistance is against something or someone who will eventually die or run out on their own or before we run out of reserves. Something that with the coronavirus will not happen for now, because as of today March 18th of the year 2020 there is no vaccine, and without a vaccine, you cannot kill the virus, which will continue to infect people, in an uncontrolled way as it is happening, or in a controlled way as we hope it will. But it will definitely continue to affect. So in situations where we can’t anticipate adversity getting tired or dying, we only have two options, wait and die or go very badly, or do something, take advantage of the circumstance to connect in the family, talk about difficult things, read, study, acquire new habits, exercise at home, meditate or whatever can be useful in the future, in this way, the external impact will not be able to be avoided, because it does not depend much on us, does it? But the impact on our immediate circle can be not only minimized but even gained due to the circumstances we live in, no matter how hard these are.

So, have hope that this deep crisis, or the deepest one we have ever experienced, will pass. But do not wait without doing something, do your bit so that it does not spread and take advantage of it to gain something on a personal and/or family level.

Now I invite you to read this same article again, changing the words you see in colors or these other words of the same color. And in this way, this article will go on to describe some personal circumstances to describe some business circumstances, with the corresponding strategy that can inspire you for your business.

– The financial crises

– Inaction

State of bonanzas

Financial Crisis

Without leaving their jobs, or offices

Company or market

Doing nothing, changing nothing



Jose L. Menendez